Luxury Apartments in Barcelona

July 1, 2014
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10-beautiful light curtains

Big and spacious flat situated in Barcelona. The main living room is very big and roomy, and usable. The living room is separated into various zones. Each box of the room caters for leisure or for study. In the inside of the apartment used basic colors sustained in beige tones and shades of green.

9-warm and beautiful carpets

Beautiful corridor in the interior has to hospitality. Approach the entryway is a big bit of built-in storage lockers. Opposite the entry is a balcony.

8-light floor in the interior

The living room is the dining place and a dining table, which is planned for 4 people. Furniture for interior uses beige.

7-green background in the interior of the kitchen

Beautiful and narrow kitchen, has a large number of comfortable space for cooking. From the kitchen a beautiful view through the glass wall on the living room.

6-narrow and practical bathroom

Beautiful kitchen done in bright shades, kitchen narrow but very easy and there are sight of practical work surface.

5-beautiful chandeliers in the interior

Above the dining table are large and beautiful beige fixtures that illuminate the pleasant dining area.

4-most beautiful workplace

The interior of the rooms has a comfy and practical ladies table, on which there are ladies’ things.

3-beige and beautiful room

The spacious living room has a sofa. Sofa decorated with piles of pillows. Sofas lined with a lighter color separated zone, low book shelves, and shelves where you can stash away things.

2-living room and spacious bathroom

In the inside of the flat is a great number of lamps that illuminate separate areas. Comfortably decorated with a great image, which mixes with the wall.

1-view from inside the apartment

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