Pop Art Interior

June 30, 2014
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1-bright wall

Pop Art mode – it is a vivacious mix of colors, with a mixture of colorful paintings, funny scripts, old posters and portraits of Marilyn Monroe. This mode is really catchy and smart, and it does not suit everyone. Pop art style ideal for bright, positive and cheerful people.

2-bright wall

In the style of Pop Art choose bright colors of the walls, roof, or base. Walls can also be neutral shades, simply they are dressed with bright posters. Can also be a function of the wall paint in vivid colors, and the other to leave neutral.

3-furniture in the style of pop art

Furniture in the flair of pop art can be unusual. Sofas and chairs can be dressed with bright natural fabrics with beautiful drawings. Furniture should be shiny. Besides, it can decorate, using their own comic books, newspaper clippings pasted over furniture.

4-furniture in the style of pop art
5-floor and ceiling in the style of pop art

Floor and ceiling is better to choose neutral shades. You can select the floor or ceiling light shades, or choose a light colored carpet with a big pile. In contrast, you sack prefer a carpet skin, it can be a zebra or artificial skins of other beasts.
6-floor and ceiling in the style of pop art
7-paintings in the style of pop art
8-paintings in the style of pop art

Fashion Pop Art pays great attention to detail and brilliant elements in the interior. For ribbon, best suited bright chandeliers, crayfish, vases, clocks, pillows, rugs, drapes. As well this style welcomes items are created by hand. This style combines all the bright objects, and even with classical themes.

9-paintings in the style of pop art
10-paintings in the style of pop art

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