Small Bedroom Ideas

June 27, 2014
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1-bedside cabinets

Sleeping room – a place to stay, and its parameters are not as important as comfort in the room. The bedroom is the space where you desire to sleep and wake up in the dawning. Building of a small bedroom – a very hard task, but possible. Many designers will provide a nice and useable ideas for decorating bedrooms.

2-green bedroom interior

In the inside of the bedroom used by a diversity of beautiful colors, beautiful and noble gray color blends perfectly with dark green hues. Headboard decorated with colorful pillows golden.

3-large window in the bedroom

The small room holds an unusual shape, ceiling interesting shape, and this room reminds attic. The bedroom is not just for leisure, but also for work.

4-Scandinavian-style bedroom

The bedroom looks great and splendid. The roof has an unusual shape, and therefore was painted white. Opposite the bed with cozy stand. Adorns the delicate pink chair.

5-bedroom with workplace

Bedroom has mature style. The color scheme seems really satisfying. The sleeping room is not just for recreation, but likewise for the creative industries. This room is comfortably accommodate for adult men.

6-room with a low ceiling

Fitted bedrooms in the attic – it’s a neat approximation. One section of the room is divided from the bottom, another part of the bedroom for the bed clothes. Above the ceiling is zoned lighting, which illuminates wardrobe separately.

7-small bedroom with bunk beds

Very original bedroom, well suited for twins. Stairs to the second level is constructed of wooden boxes which can be utilized for storage or clothes.

8-Hanging bedroom on the second floor

Original blueprint of a combined living room and sleeping room. High ceilings allow you to produce a seam above the roof. Under the bed is a dressing room.

10-room with a low ceiling

The inside delivers a small bedroom small parameter. The inside rooms are three backgrounds: black, white, brownish. Used to make a comfort zoned lighting.

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