Pistachio color in the interior

June 26, 2014
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1-pistachio kitchen with beige

Pistachio color in the interior – gives the interior quietness and gentleness. The pistachio color refers to the spring colors. Pistachio color like all green shades give the interior a freshness and luminosity. Psychologists recommend to employ this color to create inviting interiors.

2-pistachio beige

Pistachio color looks in the inside is shiny and intense in combination with other colors. Pistachio color can blend and meet with other shades, creating airy interiors.

3-Bathroom tile pistachio color

Bathroom – a great choice for creating a beautiful interior with shades of pistachio. Pistachio color blends perfectly with the vividness of the tree, and impart a natural look tub.

4-Living in pistachio-colored

Unlike a living room space for use pistachio color. The living room should be well lit, and then it will be a bright and fresh. Pistachio best combined with brilliant green hues of beige and mauve. Pistachio color is best to apply in detail.

6-Children in pistachio-colored

Pistachio in the nursery will give the room a cheerful appearance, mood for mental work. Also, this color has a calming force. Preparing your child’s room in pistachio color should not be bothersome, and it is more beneficial to mix with pastel shades. Pistachio color can be combine with pink color.

7-Pistachio-colored bedroom

Designers recommend the use of pistachio color in the bedroom, as well as all shades of green. The pistachio color refers to the warm shades. The bedroom pistachio best combined with the white color, hence the color will become more interesting.

8-Living pistachio color
9-Living pistachio color

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