Indian Style Interior

June 23, 2014
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1-Indian style

Indian style in the interior is gaining a great deal of popularity in modern interiors. This style makes all its vibrant colors. The Indian interior gives the room a wonderful and tender ambience.

2-beautiful tablecloth

Indian-style interiors combine a bunch of brilliant accessories, and objects. Despite the vivid colors, everything seems really graceful and splendid. In the Indian interior uses only environmentally friendly fabrics, such as wood furniture, natural fabrics.

3-Indian-style bedroom

In the Indian interior apply not only bright colors, but also used precious and expensive shades of amber and Ag. Indian interiors may resemble precious casket, with beautiful jewels. The primary setting is selected neutral pastel shades, beige, yellowish pink, or sand. Accessories and furniture bright colors.

4-beautiful fabrics

The Indian way is better to prefer handmade furniture. Indian furniture can be constructed of dissimilar varieties of wood, it must be massive. Seating Group is used for manufacturing – cane, bamboo. On the furniture should be images, and beautiful drawings. Furniture used dark colors, most commonly used carved furniture.

7-dining table in Indian style

In the Indian interior uses beautiful and expensive materials that have vivid colors. Fabrics decorate the whole mansion, you can adorn the floors, beautiful handmade carpets, drapes, pillows, canopies, tablecloths, and other expensive fabrics. Often use fabrics of silk, satin, velvet.

8-comfortable chalet

Huge role played by the details and decorations. In the Indian interior often statuettes of gods and deities. You can also use bright vases, trays, dishes, aroma lamps, mirrors in beautiful frames.

9-long and practical sofa
10-practical chair

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