Stylish Striped Interiors

June 20, 2014
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1-black and white stripe

The strip in the interior has recently become quite popular. Making strips can be used as a vertical bar, and horizontal. The strip in great demand in modern design. The strip can be used in any interior.

2-wide flat

Using strips can competently correct interior. Strip visually increases room in width or length, it depends on the strips, for example, it’s horizontal or upright.

3-bright pink strip

Horizontal stripes can be applied in minute rooms, for example, in the hallway, bathroom, or in the cupboard. Vertical stripes on the interior visually make the ceiling above.

4-brown stripe in the interior

Bright and wide stripes on the walls are best employed only in spacious rooms, such as living room, wide strip reduces the distance.

5-blue band in the interior

In modern stores you can get a great number of striped wallpaper, white and black, yellow and snowy, blue and greenish. The primary thing to choose the right color, it is really important to produce a common interior.

6-beautiful strip on the wall

Also the main striped background, you can apply a striped print. For instance, you can use textiles in stripes, carpet, drapes, and shock absorbers. You can also use accessories in stripes. For instance, you can buy a sofa, striped, dresser or closet.

7-bright and beautiful strip

Using strips in the interior – the gentlest mode to decorate, make the interior bright strip and cheerful.

8-strip in the bathroom
9-strip in the bathroom
10-black and white stripe

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