Small Apartment Interior Design

June 16, 2014
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1-bedroom in a small apartment

Small flats are frequently one or two-bedroom flat. For a small apartment well suited open floor design, which will be split into zones. In a little apartment in advance costs to consider design. For registration of a small apartment is more beneficial to select light colors, large windows, functional furniture. In each room you can create a cozy and warm aura.

1-bedrooms in a small apartment

A small bedroom is defined by its parameters. Nonetheless, modern hardware can work this trouble. Even the smallest room can be comfortable, usable, and stylish bedroom. For a small bedroom is best to use functional furniture such as a bed with pullout shelves, which are put forth.

2-Bathroom in a small apartment
2-Bathrooms in a small apartment

Bathroom distinguishes himself in a little flat with her small size, and bears very little options. But even in a small room can visually extend the place, instead of furniture you can use open shelves and hooks for things. To expand the space can be connected bathroom and lavatory.

3-Corridors in a small apartment

Corridor in a small apartment is a small space. For registration of a small corridor need to use mirrors that visually expand the space.

4-Living in a small apartment
4-Living in a small apartments

Small living room should be easy and useable. In a little apartment living room can be linked to other rooms, and separate them into zones.

5-Studio kitchen in a small apartment
5-Studio kitchen in a small apartments
6-Kitchen in a small apartment

In a little apartment kitchen can also be comfortable and functional, you can likewise utilize the original interior and use the kitchen-studio. Kitchen combined with living room will seem more broad. Kitchen combined with living room will seem more broad. Kitchen Studio is practical, innovative and comfy.

6-Studio kitchen in a small apartment

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