3 Small Apartment Designs

June 16, 2014
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1-small apartment in Poland

This small apartment is situated in a little township in Poland. The expanse of this little apartment is only 29 square meters. Only in the old home is very high roofs, and a big plus, which allows you to produce a two-level apartment. In a small apartment used a minimum of furniture. Above the roof is a staircase that serves as shelving for books and for magazines. On the second storey there is a prospect to unwind.

2-small apartment in Scandinavian style

This cozy loft has an even smaller area of the apartment only 21 square meters. This flat is really low and holds only one window, and then the pattern employs a heavy quantity of white. The main backdrop in the apartment used white color, also used white furniture. For interior decoration uses bright paintings, pillows and other bright textiles. The interior uses Ikea furniture which is well emphasized small apartment.

3-small apartment in a modern style

Small flat, total area of 43 square meters, it is situated in Sweden. Large quantity of clean, comfy and practical furniture visually expands the entire distance of the flat. This apartment is designed in the vogue of the studio. Beautiful kitchen connected with the living room, dining area separates the table. The bedroom is really small. And there fits only a bed. Instead of using the cabinet shelves on the rampart, and no bedside cabinets. The corridor is really minor and it immediately flows smoothly from the living room room. In a little bathroom with a toilet connected, employed for convenience shower.

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