Black and white in the interior

June 13, 2014
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1-black and white kitchen interior

Black and white color combination are ideal for inner decoration. Such colors give the interior its elegance. Even so, you should use them with care. Black and white color in the interior to be practiced in the correct amount. The abundance of black is depressing, and the abundance of white color will cause dismay.

1-black-and-white interiors

Black and white color create contrast and produces the interior elegant. Black color in small quantities promotes good work helps to make quick decisions, and the white color makes the interior of lightness and comfort. Worth remembering that the grim and white color in the interior has its pros and cons.

2-black and white living in the interior

Kitchen perfect place for these two colors. Furniture can be blank and black workshop to produce contrast in the kitchen. Black and white are not advocated for use in the living room, as this combination gets dirty frequent visit friends.

3-black and white round table

Black and white color look perfect in the sleeping room. Psychologists advise to apply dark colors in the interior. Black color promotes rest and allow faster, relax and slow down.

4-nice big monitor

With black and white color can be zoned room. The living room can be divided from the comfort zone and a dining area. In the interior of the room one color should dominate, only the interior will look beautiful and attractive. With these two colors can make a sensational and unique interior.

5-bedroom with twin beds
6-workplace with black white
7-terrace with a black-and-white
8-bedroom with black and white
9-beautiful greenhouse in black and white
10-glamorous black-and-white

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