The Elements of English Style

June 11, 2014
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1-Chesterfield sofa

This post is dedicated to the interior design in the English manner. English style many associate associated with classic flair. English fashion is very elegant and popular. English style requires a big investment. In the modern interior is really difficult to apply the English style, it should be not just beautiful but also functional. To produce an English style, you can employ a few items that emphasize the interior.

2-classic Chesterfield

In the English interior uses the popular Chesterfield sofa. These sofas have a definitive shape and quilted items. This sofa attracts attention and emphasize English style to any room.

3-a lot of wood in the style
4-English-style interior

English-style uses a great deal of traditional items. The most commonly used natural materials. All furniture in the interior uses of wood. Even in the interior wall may be constructed of wood.

5-Scottish cage in the interior
6-bedroom in the English style
7-Interior design in a traditional English style

English style can be easily recognized by design, used in interior color palette, and the cell. Pattern should be applied with care so as not to exaggerate it.

8-Interior design in a traditional English style
9-Interior design in a traditional English style

In the English interior often use comfortable furniture. Seats can be altered with the upholstery fabric with pictures of blossoms, birdies, or tartan. You can as well utilize the chair with leather upholstery. In the English style used large and comfy chair with padded back and comfortable armrests.

10-Home library in the English style
11-Home library in the English style

English style emphasizes library. The library can be arranged in a separate room with a fireplace, comfortable seating, beautiful floor lamps. You can as well take in a modest library, place the bookcase in any room.

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