Union Jack Interior Decor

June 10, 2014
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1-bright and British flag

British flag in the interior has become one of the most popular accessories. The first fashion for this flag appeared in ’60. Designers offer plenty of selections and colors with the use of ornament. More flag became popular after the Olympics in London.

2-British flag in the interior

The most comfortable manner to adorn a room to hang a flag on the wall. Pick out the correct size of the flag, which would be appropriate to will look into the interior. For long conservation flag is best put in a glass frame, and then it will not be in the dust.

3-British flag in the interior of the kitchen

The most democratic and cheap means to decorate old furniture. You can practice an old chest or cabinet, and paint it in the style Union Jack. It is likewise possible to purchase a cushion such color or with a flag.

5-The original British flag in the bedroom

Another one of the most inexpensive options that linens in the sleeping room. Textiles inexpensive and a safe way to adorn a room.

6-The original British flag in the nursery

The most interesting growth option to cull up the curtains, carpet, or barely a warm blanket. Sometimes one thing is enough to create a  cozy atmosphere.

7-The original British flag in the form of paintings

The most daring can use painting walls, or use of the big image. One will look spectacular decoupage, or aged look.

8-The original British flag on the chest

In modern stores offer contemporary furniture with the image of the flag, not only in the classic colors, but likewise in other colors. Possible to buy a simple dresser, a board, or even a sofa with patterned all depends on the buyer’s demands. This mode is more suited for the ornamentation of the youth room.

9-Pink British Flag
10-bright room with a British flag
11-atmospheric room with British flag
12-carpet in the British style
13-Living with a British flag

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