Beautiful Blue Rooms

June 6, 2014
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1-beautiful sofa in interior

Blue color in the interior – a soothing, relaxing, stable. Blue color is easily fitted for modern and classic design of interior. Blue color is very well suited for processing in a Mediterranean way. Blue color has a positive consequence on health, and acts nobly mood. Blue color can be used in all rooms, using its various shades combined with warmer colors as blue is a cold color.

2-beautiful blue table

Blue color matches perfectly with white. Blue color suppresses appetite, necessary to choose lighter shades to soften this look.

3-bedroom with beautiful textiles

Many designers in the design of bedrooms recommend the usage of blue color in the minimum amount, it permits you to slow down. For creating comfort in the bedroom, you can use textiles in blue, for example, curtains, pillows, bedding, carpet.

4-blue wall with white fireplace

The blue color is perfect for the living room. Blue color gives the interior appeal. Blue colors blends easily with milk color and clean white. Room with low walls and dairy elements transforms the room and allow to stay.

5-living room with blue

An interior living room adorned with dark blue wallpaper, the sofa holds a standardized color. To make the inside of the heat used colored wood blinds. Near the sofa worth transparent coffee table that produces a sensation of lightness.

6-very beautiful patterns in the interior

The interior uses white wallpaper with a beautiful blue pattern, which depicts flowers. Beautiful carpet on the floor, as well, with blue flowers. Dark wooden chairs perfectly with blue hues.

7-dark blue with yellow

Bedroom interior is dressed in monochrome blue, which in combination with pastel shades gives the room a special mode. Bright yellow pillows emphasize good blue color in the inside.

8-beautiful blue shelf
9-blue color
11-wooden blue wall

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