Original wood furniture

June 5, 2014
Posted in Furniture

8-beautiful raw furniture

New and original furniture created for nature buffs. This solicitation is meant for the company Alexander and Matteo Bagnai for Momenti. This beautiful furniture gives the interior freshness and natural beauty. This furniture fits well with innovative interiors. This furniture will look very gallantly and exquisitely in any interior. Beautiful and interesting mirror has an unusual pattern that conforms to the form of the tree.

9-mirror in a wooden frame

The shiny surface is adorned with wooden tables and ottomans and makes them more glamorous. The legs of chairs and ottoman made of wood, thick legs, and more modern metal legs.

1-round chairs
10-mirror in a wooden frame
2-convenient stool from a tree
3-convenient stool from a tree
4-convenient stool from a tree
5-big legs at a table
6-the furniture in an interior is fine
7-black varnish on accessories

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