Modern Glass Wall House

June 5, 2014
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1-beautiful glass house

Many think that the country households are made of wood, brick, block, but they can be made of glass. The glass house is very comfortable, cozy, and they open up a wide horizon of the surrounding countryside.

2-beautiful view from the house

Thanks to modern design and novel technologies in glass houses have become a reality. The house can be constituted exclusively of glass or partitions. Glass and can be roof, wall, floor, stairs, partitions.

3-light furniture

The fully open house made of glass not everyone will like, as many prefer to loose at home and hide in his home. Thus, we can take the design with glass in some fields. The house with glass inserts create a notion of lightness, airiness, more glass walls let in plenty of daylight.

4-beautiful bath with glass walls

The glass wall of the house will allow daily, admire nature, and enjoy a glass roof will allow night stars. Thanks to the glass walls and natural light apartment space visually expands and merges with nature.

5-beautiful orange sofas

The interior of the popular usage of the windowpanes on the wall, or the placement of a great number of windows. Sliding windows can be. Also windows can perform the function of doors that lead to the garden, or on the patio. The role of glass will allow the house warm, and they are long-wearing.

6-beautiful view from the windows

Many people consider that the glass is very fragile construction, but they are incorrect. Modern technology creates durable materials, utilizing a particular composition. There are dissimilar types of glass: tempered glass, reinforced, laminated, and other composite materials.

7-beautiful windows in the interior
8-bathroom with a beautiful view
9-sports hall in the interior

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