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June 4, 2014
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1-small apartment with a beautiful table

Not everyone can afford a large and roomy flat. Small apartment, too, can be an individual, and interesting. The only minus a modest apartment – the location for the lack of things. Architects can provide a large number of tasks, which will stress the nature of the landlord. To make an original interior should create ideas and adopt. At the center of the interior small apartment will have to use unconventional ideas.

2-table with a window sill

In a humble flat with single lavatory is really difficult to produce a separate living room, kitchen and sleeping room, but it is possible. In the living room you can place the desktop, which will be placed at the sill or in his position.

3small kitchen interior with wall

White in a small apartment will visually enlarge the place. Comfortable partition will allow properly zoned space small apartment. The inside utilizes a minimum of furniture. In the living room, you can arrange an interesting zoned LED lighting.

4-small and cozy room

In the design of this apartment a large number of subjects are used. The kitchen is divided with a living room and a lunch zone. The partition between kitchen with a window that allows to communicate from kitchen in another room.

5-bedroom combined with living room

Little apartment is split into various areas: kitchen, study space, living room and sleeping room. Preference is given to a combination of dark and white colors that agree well together.

6-compact apartment in the Scandinavian style

The little room is better to apply non-standard resolutions. Best to choose simple forms of furniture, textiles and monotonous. Use furniture that will work well with the panache of the interior. High ceilings allow to put the bed along the ceiling. Below the ceiling is a work area. In some other portion of the living room is a comfortable lounge and a dining table.

7-narrow apartment in gray

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