Design bedroom in the attic

June 3, 2014
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2-wooden roof in the bedroom

The attic is the perfect place to create a sleeper, and create a cozy bedroom. Should not treat the bedroom as dark storage place for old things. Attic has a non-standard wall, respectively, and the windows cannot be completely standardized. In the attic is difficult to settle because of the low standard furniture and custom ceiling walls. Browse through various design options bedrooms in the loft.

1-spacious master bedroom on the roof

On the attic floor is more beneficial to issue dark walls and ceiling issue in a clear color. Light walls visually expand the place. The white walls in the interior create a sensation of agility.

10-children's bedroom in the attic

Attic is ideal for a child’s room decoration, kids always love to play in the garret. Low ceilings are ideal for children’s furniture. You can put in a big bed with a ladder.

9-bedroom for two

Little holds a narrow attic roof space occupies the entire room only bed. In the blueprint of this room uses natural fabrics. Situated near the bed tables, which are lamps which are the sole source of light that produces an internal ambiance

8-white bedroom in the attic

In the attic, you can create a children’s bedroom for two kids at once. Cot best positioned opposite each other.

7-dark bedroom with a swing

Sleeping room, bathroom combined with a very hard decision, but very practical. Worth to consider in advance the trim around the bathroom, not to get water on the bed.

6-big white bed with drawers

Spacious loft can hold a little bookcase with TV. Storage space uses high bed with separate shelves where there are baskets.

5-beautiful style with brick wall
4-bedroom for two
3-small bedrooms in the bedroom roof

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