Provence style in the interior

June 2, 2014
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1-beautiful bed in the style of Provence

Provence – a style that started in the south of France. Provence – it is a provincial French style. In the national style of Provence used pastel shades and clear colors. To make the internal style of Provence, you can use: light furniture, beautiful floral patterns, lace, fresh flowers.

2-beautifully framed mirror

Furniture in Provence style used an antique artificial or old. Used furniture painted in dark colors are very bright. Provence style furniture made of wood is employed.

3-beautiful blue banquette

The Provence – style bedroom should be soft, light, and airy. To produce such an interior you can use natural fabrics depicting beautiful colors or shapes, decorations.

4-beautiful kitchen in the style of Provence

The modest kitchen in style Provence will look is delightful. Lighting in an interior has to be natural, therefore it is better to use big windows. It is possible to decorate kitchen with pictures, photos, green plants, and beautiful rugs of handwork.

7-beautiful living room

The drawing room in style Provence is used walls, which are painted with plaster. On a ceiling there can be wooden beams. The furniture is used, colored and raw. The lounge can be decorated a plaid with flowers, or decorations. On shelves it is possible to place china, plates, and cups. Walls can be ornamented with pictures with the still life image.

9-Beautiful children's room in the style of Provence

In an interior style Provence it is suitable to use a timber floor of light shades, the floor can be adorned with a carpet with ornaments, or beautiful drawings. It is likewise possible to use modern furniture in style Provence. The wooden furniture will ideally go into an interior.

10-blue bedroom in the style of Provence

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