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May 30, 2014
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1-purple curtains in the interior

Living room – this is the main room and the midpoint of the flat. Grounded on this for a living room, choose the largest room in the home or flat. The living room is utilized not just for families, but also for relaxing with friends.

3-sofa celadon

The living room should not only be the largest room in the interior, but also working. Comfortable conditions must be fully coherent with the panache of the interior. In the living room, you can divide a room for a variety of fields.

4-corner sofa

In the modern interior is very popular use of the living room with open plan kitchen. Kitchen combined with living room visually expands the space and fills the room with daylight, making it practical.

5-beautiful ceiling in the living room

The kitchen combined with a living room can divide two zones. It is possible to use a bar counter, either a beautiful partition, or a book stack. The furniture in an interior of a living room is better to choose the functional. For example, it is worth using a transforming table, or a transforming sofa.

6-small living room

It is possible to decorate an interior by way of beautiful upholstered furniture, with vivid textures. Likewise for a decor it is potential to use bright textiles, pillows, drapes, and textiles.

7-beautiful curtains in the interior

In modern design living room can be used – a fireplace. Fireplace will become a real symbol of hearth and home, it will bring comfort in the interior. On colder days, next to the fireplace can hold family events.

8-beautiful frosted glass wall

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