Elegant monochrome interior

May 29, 2014
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1-black and white flowers in the interior

This has created a very talented interior designer Janet Rice. Interior apartments created in a glamorous way. The interior uses bright drawings in black on a white ground. Black and white – it’s a classic combination that will forever be popular in the interior.

2-beautiful mirror in the center of the room

Thanks to a game of two colors can change size of the room visually, expand or narrow it down, you can visually raise or lower the ceiling. The main concept in black and white style – harmony.

3-big black flowers on the wallpaper

For low-sized room interior in bright colors with dark furniture – a dependable choice. For bigger rooms, you can employ a mirror that can be locate in a beautiful wall.

4-many beautiful pictures

Wide living room, in the middle of the living room is a comfortable table glossy black color. Next to the table are beautiful armchairs in white wooden frame.

5-wide mirror frame

It is worth mentioning that in the interior don’t use other colors. Black and white color are employed throughout the apartment, even in photo frames, mirrors, and other accessories.

6-lush white peonies

Near the sofas are beautiful and comfortable chairs gently pink color in white wooden frame. Near the couch is a round coffee table, where are the books, and there are sweet flowers that refresh the atmosphere of the interior. Also used animal skin in black and livid, which emphasizes good black-white style.

7-snow-white kitchen with a black refrigerator

In the design of the kitchen is more than white is used, which visually enhances the space and occupies the kitchen light. Used for soft contrast gray. Blue color chairs smoothes strong differences of dark and white colors.

8-snow-white kitchen with a black refrigerator
9-marble tile in the kitchen
10-black round table
11-beautiful black frame
12-chic black lampshades
13-mirror in a black frame
14-cow hide under the table

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