Convenient shelf for bicycle

May 29, 2014
Posted in Furniture

1-shelf for bicycle

This functional shelf was created by the designer of Walde for the Post Fossil company. The multipurpose rack is made of a natural tree and coconut fiber. The rack is intended not only for convenient placement of the bicycle, also there are bottom regiments for books, footwear.

2-shoe racks at the bottom

Such rack allows to store the bicycle at once in the house, but thus without using up an excess place. On the other hand the rack differs nothing from a book rack, the simple design and a material from a tree will perfectly fit into a room inside.

3-wheel holder

The place for the bicycle is in the rack center. Below it is possible to place bicycle footwear, or clothes, or it is simple to fill regiments with books. That the bicycle doesn’t fall in a design was special fastening which can fix the bicycle.

4-wheel holder

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