Beautiful house near the sea

May 29, 2014
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1-beautiful house overlooking the sea

This innovative and beautiful abode is sited in New Zealand in the humble township of Oakland. The home consists of brickwork in the house before the room was small and unattractive interior. Thus, it was rebuilt, with a innovative inside.

2-pool in Ibiza

Villa with stunning ocean vistas. Near the villa there is a huge swimming pool. This villa is situated in Ibiza, Spain. Floating in the pool, you can savor the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

3-beautiful villa in Miami

The amazing and bright villa is located in Miami. Near the house is a beautiful and a large swimming pool, palm trees, and beautiful lounge chairs for your comfort. Or so the pool is worth the most modern leisure furniture.

4-beautiful walkway to the sea

Huge cottage is located in the U.S.A., on a small island of Nantucket. The house is sheathed material with aqua-green, roof shade of beach sand, and nearby there is a wooden walkway to the ocean.

4-white house by the sea

This beautiful house is sited on the Australian coast. Near the mansion is the ocean. Near the home there are pine trees that create a beautiful view.

5-Seaside villa in Saint Tropez

The amazing snow-white villa is situated by the sea in Saint-Tropez. Vila was built in a beautiful scenic place. Villa is surrounded by a great quantity of greenery and blooms. Every room takes in a beautiful vista of the pool and ocean.

6-villa on the island of Paros

Villa along the beautiful and picturesque island of Paros. Villa is constructed in the Greek manner. Villa in a beautiful clean color, built only from natural materials – stone.

8-Villa in the Caribbean

The spacious and cozy villa is located in the Caribbean. The villa has two zones, one comfort zone offers a beautiful scene of the ocean on the other side of the mansion is a great number of plants and trees.

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