Snow white house in the country

May 27, 2014
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1-Wooden Floor Heating

Beautiful little villa in a Scandinavian style inspired by its ease and elegance. The interior uses an old and shabby furniture which creates a cozy ambiance for rest.

2-old comfy chair

The workplace is next to a beautiful bedroom. Accessories and fittings blend well on a white backdrop. Next to a white table and a comfy chair, a ball lying on the floor and placing upright in the corner rackets resemble a happy childhood.

3-old leather chair

In the modern living room is an old worn furniture. Leather chair looks really vintage. Standing adjacent to the chair shabby wooden box.

4-beautiful bench

The kitchen is large and spacious. Near the wall is a comfortable bench with a shelf where you can store things, to make a comfortable atmosphere, it was paved with pillows. Dining table white with beautiful scuffed.

5-refrigerator SMAD

The inside is modern vintage kitchen appliances used in innovative style. The most attractive subject is a unique and modern way of refrigerator Smeg. The refrigerator design draws its roundness.

6-striped handmade carpet

The kitchen interior is totally white. Roof, floor, tile and even the kitchen in white. Emphasize the interior green plants that refresh the room. Each room on the floor is striped handmade carpet.

7-bed with wrought base

The bedroom is like to sleep and work. Near the bed are old vintage suitcases in which you can stash away things or used as an object of decoration. Crystal chandelier makes the room romantic. Bed base is made of metal and painted in gold plated color and looks great.

8-bed with wrought base

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