Furniture for the dining area in the garden

May 27, 2014
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1-cozy garden

Holiday home has its advantages. Pursue al fresco dining is always pleasant and helpful. In the garden you can place any furniture, it totally depends on your budget. The garden can be set not just furniture but also a hearth or kitchen range on which to cook. Summer weather allows you to cook outside, which is real decent.

2-wrought iron furniture

Dining area should be placed in a convenient location where you can get away from the sun. Pay attention to the materials of which will be made furniture, should not just be attractive, but also tire out from the rain and sun.

3-dark furniture in the garden

Summer kitchen and dining area will be popular with friends in the summer, you can spend a garden party, easy to cook meat on the grill and barbecue and other food. Barbecues can stand in a separate field, or may be close to the dining table.

4-red pillows on a black chair

Area, where there will be lunch place worth decorate, used to cover the stone or tile to comfortably accommodate a table and chairs.

5-dining table near the pool

Cost in advance to think about protection from the rain, you can install a portable tent, or just make an arbor with a roof that will shelter from the rain in bad weather.

6-gazebo with fireplace

Garden furniture should not be less than comfortable in the home. Garden furniture should be constructed of water-resistant materials or coated with special lacquers. You can choose furniture made of rattan, wood, and wrought iron furniture and decorate it for the quilt of soft pillows, warm blankets, which can be used in the evening when the cool evening.

7-fireplace center
8-beautiful pillows pink
9-beautiful wall with fireplace in the garden
10-fireplace near the pool

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