Beautiful apartment in the center of Paris

May 27, 2014
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1-beautiful view of the tower

Charming apartment located in the heart of Paris. The window provides a neat perspective of the Eiffel Tower. In contrast are also romantic and smart house. The interior uses only bright vintage furniture that highlights the French style.

2-bed closet

In the interior of a chamber, kitchen and used a small amount of furniture. The furniture looks quite elegant. In the living room, a large number of open shelves, this houses the main part of all things. Along the walls hang the wonderful photos. Fireplace near a wall adorned with white stucco with beautiful designs. Above the hearth is located shelf and mirror.

3-French-style bathroom

The bath is very roomy and comfy. The bath holds a large cast-iron tub on the beautiful legs. On the walls are shelves on which stand bottles and jars of cosmetics. On the other hand more modern bathroom there is a shower cubicle with glass dividers.

5-beautiful fireplace

In the interior is virtually never used so most clothes closets throughout the apartment hanged on vintage hooks. The living room holds a comfy chair – ball, where you can work and unwind.

7-comfortable shower

The bath holds a comfortable black countertop with sink and causes a multitude of shelves where it is convenient to stash away things, hygiene, and ornaments.

8-old sink

The kitchen is really minor, but usable, used new furniture that has been artificially aged. Figure head of the window is a window that opens to a beautiful view of Paris. You can wash dishes or prepare a meal while savoring the beauty of the city.

4-beautiful dress on a hanger

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