Studio apartment in Paris

May 26, 2014
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1-pull-out bed

Small apartment has only 17 square meters. Small size apartments have everything you need in today’s world, it allows a person to feel comfy.

2-red table

In the living room there is a closet in which to hide a large bed pullout bed. In the daytime, used coffee table burgundy, small sofa and gray.

3-beautiful linens

The bed is easy and practical, and easy to put forward and used to rest. Cupboard, which is in the living room, has a big number of closed shelves where they can be hidden unnecessary things. The main color, which is red, hoary and light color wood.

4-many books

Apartment with small parameters is performed in a minimalist way. Along the shelves in that respect is a modest number of books and beautiful dishes in a minimalist way. To make a pleasant atmosphere using bright red linen with white pattern in the shape of petals.

5-light furniture

The kitchen is placed somewhat higher than the main room it can be passed by going up the stairs. During nap, the coffee table can be utilized as a bedside table.

6-red tableware

The kitchen is modest but real pragmatic. The kitchen has all cooking facilities: small stainless sink, a small ceramic stove on which to cook or reheat food. Color cuisine in a light beige color, contrast is a black countertop.

7-beautiful floor

Kitchen made with the judgment, there is still a little cellar, where you can lay in some of the products that can be salted away for a long time. The kitchen floor is made of practical stuff that is comfortable to apply and clear.

8-hidden sex

Shares a bathroom with toilette. A small shower with toilet divided by a partition wall. Wall in the bathroom is lined with beautiful blue tiles.

10-blue tiles

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