Small studio in Oslo

May 26, 2014
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The small studio apartment is situated in Oslo. The total area is about 31 square meters. The inside of the apartment is made in bright colors using white color, with gray shades and accessories. Interior sets the Scandinavian way. This apartment is comfortably fitted for young gentlewomen. Most of the furniture was bought at Ikea.

2-large gray sofa

Comfortable sofa is a primal space in the living room, next to him is a beautiful striped carpet. Near the couch is a comfortable, coffee table Ikea white. A table decorated with a vase of lovely flowers.

3-beautiful basket

The main part of the living room near the window is a large and comfortable sofa gray. Scandinavian wide sill on which is placed accessories: black frame with letters, white lamp and candles. Large basket used for a used board of various details. Large basket used for storage of various items.

4-beautiful pot

Sleeper separate small partition. Beside the bed sticks out a beautiful and convenient bedside table from Ikea, which are accessories, jewelry, and volumes. On the dressing table are beautiful women’s shoes that accentuate the inner way.

4-long Beds

Small apartment uses white to visually enlarge the place. Wall near which stands the bed decorated with beautiful wallpaper gray with a beautiful design. Floor in the interior paved with light floorboard.

5-ladies' shoes

Kitchen interior done as well in white. The table top is made in the style of the bar, near which there are two comfortable chairs with transparent seats. All kitchen utensils and appliances are also clean. On the refrigerator with cozy chalk board.

6-small kitchen
7-white table
8-bathroom in black and white style

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