Beautiful kitchen corners in the interior

May 23, 2014
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1-convenient table

Choosing the kitchen table is a very important task. So you should very carefully approach the choice of furniture. Many people love to ferment at a table for dinner with guests, chat, or engage in creative work. Turn the board can bear a small, comfy lounge, comfortable chairs at that position. This post is intended to choose the right kitchen table and chairs.

2-table with a sofa

Table, combined with a sofa, which can be hidden any accessory or other objects that interfere with or are not in demand. Kitchen corners are convenient because they are very functional. A seat in the kitchen corners can be lifted and used as shelves for storage. The only negative that frequent use can cause rapid damage to furniture.

3-table by the window

The dining table can be localized in the window, this choice would leave plenty of daylight on the dining table. A best place for lunch is placed near a window. It is best to order a table against the rampart, or sited near a window seat. Window sill can decorate beautiful flower pots, flowers. Corner seat can decorate with bright pillows.

4-sofa window

If the kitchen is large and has a large space, you can utilize a soft, comfortable island, which is really commodious. In the middle of the room can stand comfortable soft island that will slow down and be in a supine position, eating a delectable meal or socialize with family. Usually fastened to the kitchen island sofa, or a comfortable sofa.

5- many windows in the interior

The kitchen will be useful for those who do not have a dining room or living room. Kitchen and living room can be united into single unit through the kitchen islands. To wall mount a sofa, and is closer to the work area is a table. Board, which is sited opposite the work area, allows you to enjoy once the two zones.

8-table and sofa in the kitchen
9-large kitchen
10-lots of windows

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