May 21, 2014
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2-white office

Volga Volga Brand Identity — brand building agency

Metric area: 190 m²
Number of employees: 19

Volga Volga Brand Identity is an independent Russian agency engaged in the field of verbal and visual devices used for brand building. The company’s previous office was located on the attic floor of a domestic building, but one day it had to face a whole bunch of communal obstacles related to the old housing stock.

Last year Volga Volga moved to creative open space The Weavers, which occupies the building of an ex-weaving mill. Here all the domestic issues had been already settled, and the agency was glad to concentrate their efforts on direct obligations. However, interiors of empty ex-production premises with brick walls had to be created from scratch. Renovation process was entrusted to the developers of a famous St. Petersburg creative cluster.

The space is badly stretched, and four work zones are arranged along a row of big windows. These are a negotiation room with a glass wall, a reception zone with a coffee machine nearby, a loud spot for top management and a contrasting quiet space of creative department. Reception zone with cushioned furniture serves as a general rest spot at the same time, and sometimes hosts corporate events. Most of furniture items emigrated from the previous office and fell good into the new interior.

3-beautiful game
4-beige sofas
6-as wall shelving
7-many books
8-comfortable lockers
9-long lamp
10-red brick
11-many certificates
12-long table
13-long table
14-comfortable chairs
16-comfortable chairs
18-many books
19-white ceilings
20-white tables
23-beautiful card
24-long shelves
25-red bicycle
26-small kitchen
bright tulips1-

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