May 21, 2014
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1=black table

Metric area: 1100 m²
Number of employees: 120

Iponweb Company engaged in IT-business moved to a new office in the winter of 2013. Spurred by a rocketing number of employees, the firm had to move to an un-finished office. Its interior design was entrusted to specialists of Za bor studio of architecture and design.

The office is in a way, which makes the team feel comfortable at their working places. Meanwhile every day the company receives dozens of clients and partners coming to Moscow from different countries of the world: European, Asian and American. So, the major task of the architects was to create a comfortable and reasonably-zoned office under the approved target specification.

The office is located in an old industrial building, which used to be a brewery works and now has become a contemporary business centre. The building was multiply restored and has accumulated numerous interesting details: banners, industrial pipelines and wiring, and a great level difference on the 6th floor, where Iponweb’s office is located. This two-level layout was left unchanged, and the ceiling height varies from 3.9 to 4.5 m. Technical components were also preserved and even emphasized. Snazzy industrial scene opening from the window also contributes to loft office entourage.

2-Pure office
3-white bars
4-lots of green grass
5-red chairs
6-beautiful rack
6-black furniture
7-lots of greenery

The staff numbers more than 120 people, most of which are IT-developers. Working places are zoned by level differences and partitions and organized into units for 6-12 people. They are arranged along the illuminated line, which ensures good quantity of illumination.

8-beautiful vases
9-black cube
10-beige wall
12-a plurality of tubes
13-many stairs
14-many stairs
15-glass doors
16-black room

The office is not meant for executives, which accounts for the absence of a reception desk. The entrance is designed as a subway leading to the open platform — the chief pedestrian artery of the office surrounded by plenty of conference rooms. Besides, there is a large open space, which serves for holding meetings and different events. All together there are seven negotiation rooms getting their names from planets and decorated by text boxes telling about physical characteristics of each planet.

One more distinction of this office is monochrome color range. The only color focus is set on plants. Interior décor is based on cork material and dry-erase wall paints. Service lines by the ceiling are coated with Sonaspray acoustic material reminding of snow. Furniture — Steelcase and IKEA, floor coatings — Interface Flore.

17-black room
18-meeting room
19-meeting room
20-meeting room
21-white board
22-large monitors

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