May 21, 2014
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1-new Year

The Hostess: Natalie

Metric area: 36 m²
Floor number: 4
Number of rooms: 1
Ceiling height: 2.7 m

Natalie purchased a lodging in a house-to-be in early 2000s, but as the real estate developer broke the schedule badly, the move-in was celebrated just last April. The room was immediately re-planned to allot enough space for a full-fledged walk-in closet. Kitchen and corridor remained un-changed, while bathroom was made open to WC for the sake of more spaciousness. Natalie decided to refuse professional designer’s help and arranged everything by her own effort within 5 months. Thus, the lodging was supplemented with a decorative fireplace and a few recesses for storing accessories.

The hostess’ preferences – Empire style, Provence and pop-art with bright accents – are entirely implemented in finishing materials and elements of décor, which by the way arrived from faraway countries. Dining table came from Indonesia, cardboard deer’s head and coffee machine – from Italy, cut-glass chandelier – from Spain, and the world map was printed in Sweden (the idea itself was inspired by kids’ wallpaper). A desk was ordered in Kare store, sofa and arm-chair – in IKEA, and a coffee table was custom-made by a famous cabinetmaker.

2-pink chair
3-lots of pillows
4-interesting table
5-muzzle of the deer
6-IKEA bed
7-convenient shelf
8-vintage kitchen

Kitchen interior originates from a yellow refrigerator in style of 1960s. Entrance hall set is custom-made. A big watch for the corridor and a red chandelier were bought on Westwing auction, and a plastic Pasha kitchen chair was taken right from an exposition stand.

9-The green lamp
10-cute kitchen
13-beautiful arch
14-big lamp
16-red table
18-beautiful curtains

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