May 20, 2014
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1-spacious office

Metric area: 120 m²
Number of employees: 20

Friends Moscow agency is engaged in the field of advertising communications and brand-building and has 20 people on the staff.

Its new office on the territory of a creative centre occupies the area of about 120 m², including cubical meeting rooms. Zoning is quite conventional: managers, producers, creative department and administrative personnel work in different corners of the space.

2-photo above the ceiling
3-studio guitar
4-white wall in the room
5-comfortable chairs
6-carpet in the middle of the room
7-plants on the tables
9-road signs
10-tables from IKEA

At the moment of the move-in the cubicles had already been here, and Friends Moscow decided to leave them as they are. They were decorated in corporate identity color – pistachio green, which runs through the entire interior.

Friends Moscow wouldn’t hire professionals for creating the office interior design, as they had a clear view of what they wanted. Sticking to aesthetics they decided to preserve original brick masonry after a slight restoration.

Carpets were brought by employees from their homes. In the absence of someone who will take care of potted houseplants all the flowers are artificial.

All the furniture pieces were purchased in IKEA. For the most part these are basics, some of which are re-made or supplemented with additional details.

General meetings are held every 2 days at a big round table in the conference room.

According to the corporate tradition, each member of the team brings small stuff from travels. Thus, a baseball arrived from a manager’s trip to NYC, and a set of car models is frequently refreshed by a creative director.

11-mini bar
12-green wall
13-recreation Area
14-funny sign
16-funny sign
18-creating labels
19-cozy atmosp

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