May 20, 2014
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1-the old factory

Metric area: 150 m²
Number of employees: 11

Fisheye Design & Architecture is a St. Petersburg studio dealing with public and private interior designs, renovation works, furnishing, and installation of lighting systems and sanitary porcelain. Fisheye & Sholk Collaboration is a creative space organized on the basis of their headquarters for multiple purposes: exhibitions, lectures, master classes and co-operative work of designers and architects with clients.

In December 2012 the team occupied a house, which is considered to be a monument of architecture. Heretofore the building used to shelter St. Petersburg Air Defense Missile Academy, air defense courses, educational buildings and barracks.

Renovation works lasted 4 months. For a start worked out were plans of layout changes, utility networks and assigned were functions of different rooms. Interior design was created by Fisheye Design & Architecture by their own efforts, right in the midst of the refurbishment process. The general concept was the arrangement of a transformer space, which in general serves as an office, but, when needed, may be promptly transformed into a platform for public events. Dominating interior style of the design studio is New York loft.

Sholk interior décor studio occupies the first hall of the office and a studio for manufacturing samples of finishing materials. Regular staff of Fisheye is headquartered in two offices: the one with a blue wall is meant for managerial staff and the one with an OSB-wall − for product design people. Four personal offices are still being refurbished. Next in the re-make list stands a rest zone for employees and a small kitchen.

2-beautiful giraffe
3-funny giraffe
4-bright wall
5-white wall opposite
6-handsome cat
7-great bonsai
9-beautiful lamp
10-black sofa

In those days, when the office operates in event-mode, all the workplaces get easily dismantled and shifted within a couple of hours to create an open-space. With the help of special engineering utilities it becomes possible to reduce and increase the number of workplaces, shift them, and arrange partitions. Anyway, each employee will be equipped with a lamp over the table and a socket for office equipment.

11-interesting stands
12-wooden floor
13-dark walls
14-gray floor
15-wooden shelving
16-low lamp
17-low lamp
18-picture of a giraffe
19-large pencil
20-large pencil
21-interesting bottle
22-pictures on the wall
23-pictures on the wall
24-interesting tree

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