May 20, 2014
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1-club atmosphere

Metric area: 136 m²
Number of employees: 6

Kaledoscop company is engaged in design of LED lighting systems and occupies an office in a building of old housing stock in the heart of St. Petersburg.

Its interior design was worked out by a famous Russian architect and scene-designer Denis Antipin. Probably this very fact had the greatest effect on the choice of interior style – new art-décor. Considering the type of Kaledoscop business, walls, ceiling and pieces of furniture are connected with luminous elements and interior lighting.

2-glass Furniture
3-beautiful lamp
4-very beautiful lamp
5-beautiful bulbs
6-beautiful bulbs
7-LED Strip
8-pink plastic
9-bright flowers
10-The Color Purple
11-The Color Purple
12-bright room
13-beautiful technique

The show-room is divided into two halls: white and black, and each of them is organized in a different way. The white hall is matt. Relatively low ceilings here are compensated by luminous passages around the perimeter. The black hall is glossy. The middle of the room is adorned with a highlighted metal construction.

14-black sofas
15-large white table
16-beautiful mirror
17-beautiful lamps
18-diamonds on the ceiling
19-colored water
20-interesting light
21-lamp Crescent
22-lamp spoon

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