May 20, 2014
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1-brick walls

Metric area: 84 m²
Number of employees: 24

Art-Personality Occupational Guidance Centre has rented an office on the Embankment of the Neva River in St. Petersburg for two years already. Its employees help high-school children find their occupational positions and hold different trainings and meetings with interesting people. Besides this office, the company has a training centre and a children’s campus of its own.

Renovation of the space, which used to be rented by a building materials firm, took just a couple of months and was carried out solely by efforts of three employees of Art-Personality. New renters had acquired two typical offices, which had to be turned into three zones for kids. Big and small training halls are isolated from the room, which serves for holding meetings and negotiations.

2-green chairs
3-wooden wall
4-many bulbs
5-green bags
6-white bookcase
7-green boxes
9-black chair
10-plastic chair
11-beautiful staircase

Interior design was worked out by one of the teachers, while sponsorship was partially shared by parents of those kids, who frequently spend their holidays here. Furniture items were selected from functional considerations; decorative elements are quite rare here. Among the exceptions are long chandeliers with wood shades in the big hall and a wall decorated with pictures of kids and events held in the centre.

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