May 20, 2014
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1-wooden chairs

Metric area: 700 m²
Number of employees: 53

The first Caffeine coffee house appeared in Moscow in 2006 and has managed to grow into a group of 32 cafes since then. Last year the company acquired a multifunctional office which occupied a few floors above pastry shops. The idea was to integrate manufacturing, office and training centre under one roof.

Industrial site imposed definite restrictions on renovation and interior design process, but full-time architects and designers did their best in improving not only workspaces, but also the roof. The latter was meant to become a large terrace and an enjoyable oasis for relaxation.

The company places high emphasis on staff training. It’s not only baristas, who learn and improve their skills in coffee-making, but also departmental managers, who sometimes come out to solidify their knowledge in coffee houses.

2-interesting board
3-plastic cups
6-wooden tables

Last the year the office went through a regular facelift and was supplemented with a training centre with all the necessary equipment. Now coffee fans who actually live at work enjoy practically home conditions.

7-beautiful hands
8-a lot of dishes
9-convenient lamp
10-bright walls
14-beautiful racks
15-beautiful racks
16-summer terrace

This office gives shelter to most of the network employees — thus the exchange of knowledge, skills and information becomes more enjoyable and efficient. Every day they get together on the roof for a five-o’clock tea, regularly practice Italian and English, and once a month the confectioners teach all the willing to make cakes. The outdoor area caught on in a blink. On hot summer days the roof is refreshed by a special water-sprinkling system. It hosts photoshoots, parties, and master classes. Soon the existing lawns, sun loungers and tables will be supplemented with a small garden house.

17-summer terrace
18-beautiful flowers
19-comfy sunbeds
20-wooden Furniture
21-summer tables
22-blue umbrellas
23-wooden benches
24-beautiful Christmas tree
25-bright chairs
26-a lot of wooden furniture
28-delicious desserts
29-gray cloth
29-white tableware
30-delicious desserts
31-delicious desserts

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