May 19, 2014
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1-beautiful kitchen

Metric area: 284 m²
Number of employees: 15

Tristar Investment’s office (real estate developer) occupies two floors in a modern business centre with a rich history. In the 19th century the mansion sheltered a trade company, then a religious centre, and now it’s rented by a few companies.

Besides, in Soviet times the building was re-designed for communal apartments, and 50 years later the new owners had to face a real challenge represented by multiple interior walls. Most of them were demolished for the sake of the original open-spaces, which used to be here. Interior finish in a single style was made by efforts of the team with occasional resorting to professional designers.

Surprisingly, in the midst of renovation it was found that old brick walls had several walled-in recesses, apertures and interior windows of different sizes and shapes. All the findings were added to the already approved project, so the resulting architecture appeared to be quite sophisticated. All these operations were completed within 3 months.

With spaciousness and airiness in mind blank doors were sacrificed for transparent ones with Venetian blinds, which can be adjusted as desired. According to the latest fashion, air ventilation system wasn’t concealed, but emphasized with a contrasting color; actually, as well as other interior details. Bright blue color was used as a tribute to Tower Bridge in London and the Blue Bridge on Isaac’s Square in St. Petersburg.

System of lighting, especially on the basement storey, was planned extremely carefully. For decorative purposes the designers used LED lamps and equipped each work place with mobile floor-lamps.

2-chalk board
3-beautiful pictures
4-white plaster
5-brick wall
6-brick wall
7-picture sea
8-red chairs
9-stained-glass windows
10-stained-glass windows
11-wooden parquet
12-dark ceilings
13-folders on the shelves
14-rounded ceilings
15-blinds on the window
16-many tables
17-old lamp
18-small windows
19-black chair
20-old brick walls

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