May 19, 2014
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1-beautiful office

Metric area: 601 m²
Number of employees: 66

It was last September when Cheil Ukraine moved in a newly-renovated office, the interior of which had been shaped by efforts of its own employees. The essential idea was to create an airy open space, which would be fit for unhindered communication and free brainstorms. It’s actually a reflection of Cheil Ukraine’s corporate principle − turning ideas into real things. The office was divided into a work zone including an open-space and conference halls, and a rest zone.

Key postulates are written on the walls in anamorphic technique: images are visually changed and can be spelled out only at a definite angle. One of the partitions displays portraits of Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and the author of these paintings, whose ideas gradually flow into a real object – a red sofa.

2-letters on the walls
3-beautiful tables and chairs
4-orange table
5-many people
7-brown desk
8-interesting picture
9-interesting picture
10-black and white picture
11-black and white picture
12-wooden partition
13-view of the city
14-white bookcase with frames

Rest zone is partitioned from the work one with a bookstand, which may boast photos made by the members of the team. Opposite it arranged are small rooms, where one can work in the comfort of solitude and register his or her ideas on glass walls. Besides having a coffee break, anyone may play foosball in a kitchen-café. The white pillar and refrigerator are adorned with Nicolaus Copernicus’s portrait featuring a jocular phrase “Thinking kills”.

15-beautiful pictures
16-orange ottomans
17-bright kitchen
18-recreation Area
19-recreation Area
20-beautiful game
21-beautiful game
22-bright room
23-bright furniture
24-many colors

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