May 19, 2014
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1-green wall in the room

Metric area: 500 m²
Number of employees: 74

The previous office of Wine Bureau Company was located on the second floor of Good Wine supermarket, which afforded a good view of shopping spaces. Yet, the metric area of the ex-office was too small as the staff has grown fivefold since the company was founded in 2006.

At the end of last year the supermarket moved across the street, and Good Wine’s office was re-arranged on the upper floor.

The development of interior design concept was entrusted to a professional, whose task was to create a comfortable, reserved, yet bracing space. Selected as a basic color was green. According to the designer, it’s good for visual perception, emphasizes the “green” office principle and has much in common with the Good Food logotype. Eventually the space appeared to be laconic, functional and light enough thanks to large windows. Reception zone is furnished with a big angular sofa and a large wardrobe.

2-orange chairs
3-white wall
4-gray carpet
5-word sorry

Bottoms of glass partitions were glued over with tinted film, which gives out corporate principles.

6-green Balls

Planning of working zones was traditionally a time- and effort-consuming task. Most of the area was designed as open spaces divided by glass partitions. Each sector includes 8 working places.

7-angular chairs
8-plenty of pots
9-map of the world
10-beautiful pictures
11-green hat
12-beautiful folder
13-light furniture
14-frosted glass
15-brown pillow
16-succulent wall

Accountant’s office and kitchen are located apart. A grand dining table in the kitchen may easily seat up to 10 persons at a time. According to the corporate tradition, a basket with apples is refreshed every day.
One more pride of the team is a roof exit. Next summer this spot will be designed as a terrace for work and rest.

17-succulent wall
18-wine corks
19-bag chair
20-big balls
21-bright kitchen for employees

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