May 16, 2014
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1-beautiful center
Metric area: 1200 m²
Number of employees: 150

Last year B2B-Center, which specializes on E-commerce, moved to a new office due to a rapidly growing number of employees. What the owners were striving for was to create a comfortable working space in a conveniently located neighborhood. In particular, the office in question is located in close proximity to three railway stations, since many employees get to work by suburban trains.

3-a large table
4-striped walls
5-large windows
6-beautiful deer
7-orange wall
8-beautiful nightstand
9-beautiful windows
10-black wall
11-black wall
12-white interior
13-beautiful tables
14-wood cabinets
15-many floor
17-lamp in the form of pow

The most eye-catching architectural element of the office is a flashing wall meant for separating the reception zone from the cloakroom. It’s composed of plastic containers with LED-bands inside. The wall may boast numerous modes of lighting, it can even play Snake game, and the staff may pre-set new light scenarios for it.

The most challenging task was arranging the company’s divisions in a way, which would be non-disturbing and team-building at a time. Work area in the open-space zone is organized around 6 king-size desks with cabinet units by their sides.

The office is equipped with three meeting rooms nicknamed “Wood”, “Dungeon” and “Aquarium”. “Wood” walls are adorned with animal paintings, and the “Dungeon” is actually dark.

19-magnetic board
20-beautiful view
21-beautiful view
22-white table
23-large room
24-red chair
25-beautiful sofa
26-large study
28-a large table
29-beautiful chairs

The rest zone includes a café with a double-sided bar, which occupies a big deal of the office area. Here employees frequently discuss different job issues. Besides, the office is equipped with a small gym, which regularly hosts foosball and ping-pong tournaments.

Dividing plywood bookstands, furniture in the rest zone and in the CEO’s office are custom-made from company’s sketches. The rest of the furniture pieces are made by Martela (Finland), Vitra, LAS and IKEA.

30-beautiful books

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