May 16, 2014
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1-bright kitchen

Metric area: 30 m²
Number of rooms: 1
Floor number: 6
Ceiling height:2.8 m

As soon as his ex-lodging was scheduled for demolition Michael acquired a Khrushchev-style apartment penetrated with spirit of Soviet times of late 1980s. Its total refurbishment lasted 6 months under the guidance of a young architect, whose only experience was creation of a St. Petersburg café interior.

Surprisingly, the guys decided not to make any layout changes and concentrate their efforts merely on visual expansion of the tight space. For this purpose white was chosen as a basic background color. And so that the room didn’t remind of a hospital one of the walls was decorated with dark wood panels and the other was partially coated with wallpaper with natural motives. Old parquetry wasn’t replaced − just scraped and painted snow-white. Kitchen walls are glued over with wallpaper with blue ornament and balanced by light furniture.

A recess in front of the bed features a big custom-made chest. Also, manufactured from personal drawings is a coffee table by the sofa. Mirror and chest of drawers emigrated from the ex-lodging and fit well into a small entrance hall interior.

2-beautiful wall
3-bright patterns
4-beautiful lamp
5-beautiful bank
6-beautiful print on the wall
7-comfy bed
8-large chest of drawers
9-beautiful branch
10-large window
11-beautiful lamp
12-dark wall
13-big lamp
14-long carpet
15-spacious bath

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