May 16, 2014
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1-white brick

Metric area: 85 m²
Number of employees: 5

A couple of years ago the founder of Via Delle Rose purchased a lodging in a newly-built house and rented the basement storey of the same building for one of the company offices. Inspired by a trip to New York and loft style interiors, the owner wanted a multifunctional working space in the same aesthetics. The plan was prepared and implemented promptly — within a couple of months and on a small budget.

The company is engaged in catering industry and generally specializes on small events, though sometimes undertakes grand events with a large quantity of guests and service staff. Office space had to meet the following requirements: convenience for employees and managers, a full-fledged client zone and a spot for sampling dishes before V.I.P. events.

The future interior was based on self-leveling floors, monochrome walls with white-painted brick masonry, concrete elements and outside wiring. Reception and kitchen zones are separated from the office area with a glass partition. A kitchen set of stainless steel was custom-made on Awelt mill. Reception desk and other modular furniture — Stylish Kitchens.

2-black door
4-many hours
5-steel kitchen
6-large kitchen
7-white wall
8-beautiful lamps
9-beautiful lamps
10-white room
11-bright shelves
13-bright shelves
14-bright shelves
15-bright shelves
16-bright furniture
17-many books
18-bright tiles
19-bright bath
20-round Mirror
21-beautiful battery

The selected style accounted for modesty in furnishing and interior décor. A sofa inspired by one of Albert & Shtein models was ordered from a Russian manufacturer, and the rest of the furniture items were found in IKEA or custom-made. Among few refreshing decorative accents are fanciful Czech wallpaper by Love Me in the negotiation zone and Swedish one by ECO with the view of Manhattan in the manager’s room.

23-large sofas
24-large sofas
25-convenient table
26-white wall
27-beautiful chandelier
28-beautiful cabinets
30-beautiful sofa
31-beautiful wallpaper
32-beautiful wallpaper

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