May 15, 2014
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Metric area: 89 m²
Number of employees: 3

Folga photostudio was founded by Olga Zakrevskaya as her private workspace, but now she regularly lets it out for photoshoots, master classes, parties and other events.

Since 2011 the studio has occupied a lodging in a house of 1910, which impresses with convenient layout, high ceilings and big windows – actually all the must-haves of a private photostudio.

Olga has decorated the space with multi-functionality in mind. The major part of the lodging — 61 m² — is occupied by the studio. It was thought over so that the requisite was always near at hand and the relatively small area brought maximum efficiency. A separate chamber is allotted for a make-up room with a bathroom exit.

4-Folga photostudio

The studio features about 15 constant backgrounds, some of which are Olga’s hand-mades. For instance, one of them is glued over with tear sheets from “Chrestomathy for technical school students” of 1905, and the other is actually a giant chalk board. The walls and ceiling are equipped with special holders for bonus decorative elements. One more background is a classic open brick wall.

5-for photoshoots
7-old chairs
8-green carpet

For the most part furniture was purchased in IKEA and Jysk. Studio couch and giant closets were custom-made in Kiev from Olga’s sketches. Wooden chairs were bought on a common market and re-painted. Flowery sofa was purchased in Cavio; portable wooden platform is custom-made. Each piece of furniture was carefully selected by Olga, so that it could serve as a piece of stage property when needed.

9-beautiful sofa
10-large room
11-IKEA shelving

The shelves are stuffed with books and magazines, which Olga brings from travels.

12-Picture books
13-Picture books
15-orange room
16-green room

Orange and green − Folga’s corporate colors − are also basic colors of the kitchen and corridor. In the process of renovation old kitchen furniture was refreshed as the room is actively used for cooking during photoshoots and parties.

17-green room
22-white table
23-carpet like grass

A bay window serves as a winter garden and was decorated with a soft green carpet and blinds with birch prints by IKEA. Dining group is patio furniture by Jysk.

24-bright sofa
25-bright room

A small room at the end of the passage is the administrator’s workspace. It’s meant for settling organizational issues and post-production.

26-photo clients
27-basket with pencils
28-narrow bookcase
29-bright sofa
30-many items
31-old cameras

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