May 15, 2014
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10-white wall

Metric area: 113 m²
Floor number: 4
Number of rooms: 3
Ceiling height: 3.35 m

Though Maxim spends 95 % of his life in London, a couple of years ago he purchased a four-room apartment in Moscow. A luxury newly-built housing estate caught his attention by rich night and gastronomic life and proximity to railway station and airport.

Interior design was entrusted to specialists of Berphin Interior. Maxim defined his wish as “a peaceful space for recovering wind and meeting relatives when in Moscow”. That’s how a functionally-zoned eco-minimalist interior with no unnecessary details or furniture appeared. Preference was given to white and herbaceous tints and natural finishing materials. So, walls were coated with harmless Farrow & Ball paints, and flooring was inlaid with oak and ceramic granite.

Thanks to its great size and well-thought-out zoning the lounge obviously dominates in the layout. A load-bearing pillar conventionally divides it into three parts: dining room, window spot with a couch and a major zone with traditional arm-chairs and sofa arranged by the TV-set. A round table by Porada is meant to bring relatives together by a tender light of copper Foscarini lamp. Walls are adorned by Berphin Interior pictures matched by decorative ceramic barrels by Asiatides. Much attention was devoted to lighting. Besides dense blinds, windows can be curtained with Roman blinds giving soft warm light. In addition to this, there is an option for zoned dimmer lighting and local illumination with different luminous intensity. The lounge and bedroom feature Danish lamps by BoConcept.

1-beautiful living room
2-light table
3-round table
4-beautiful chair
5-beautiful lamp
6-beautiful picture
7-beautiful curtains
8-beautiful sofa
9-black lamp
10-white wall
11-beautiful patterns
12-white kitchen
13-white kitchen
14-white plate
15-white plate
16-beautiful regiment
17-wooden Furniture

For space-saving reasons a kitchen set by Virs (Russia) with built-in Miele appliances is partitioned. Though the master cooks once in a blue moon, he paid due attention to this room’s interior. A Gorenje stove may boast original design by Karim Rashid, and oak chairs by Riva 1920 were specially brought from Italy. Over time the wood exsiccated and formed a good contrast to the kitchen set.

The exit to other rooms is arranged by solid space-saving and sound-absorbing doors (Garofoli). Bulging load-bearing pillars in the bedroom and study are specially accentuated. Thus, in the bedroom it’s upholstered with English textile by Sanderson, which sets the tone for the entire interior. Shutters conceal a walk-in closet and bathroom.

19-beautiful castle
20-warm wall
21-beautiful patterns
23-beautiful lamp
24-cute table
26-beautiful fabric
27-many closets
28[two mirrors
30-beautiful tile
31-unicorns on the wall

In the study the semi-column was played up by means of BoConcept bookstands. Standing in the corner is a famous Egg-chair by Arne Jacobsen. The layout is the same as in the bedroom and allowed for a bonus walk-in closet.

32-beautiful carpet
34-beautiful chair
35-white bookcase
36-beautiful table
37-beautiful flowers
38-beautiful lamp
40-beautiful table
42-blue shelves
43-beautiful figure

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