May 15, 2014
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Company: Tsimaylo Lyashenko & Partners — architect bureau

Metric area: 320 m²
Employees: 37

Architect bureau Tsimaylo Lyashenko & Partners started its history 11 years ago, when three graduates of Moscow Architectural Institute decided to launch a private business.

Small avocational studio rapidly grew into a full-fledged bureau, which however doesn’t reject projects of versatile levels. The architects still find exploratory interest in designing common boat shops, as well as in development of 300 ha areas. Tsimaylo Lyashenko & Partners statedly administer groups of diploma students trying to help them in comprehensive analysis of functional characteristics, objects and challenges of projects they have to face.

Over the years of its existence the company has changed a few offices to finally settle down in 2005 in a communal building of 1905 built by a famous modernist architect. Besides convenient location, the building gives the joy of cozy creative spirit inspired by the rich history.

2-wooden office
3-table in the center

The core of the office is a negotiation room, which serves as a zone for work and informal communication. The rest of the rooms — accountant’s department, top management’s office, open space, kitchen and WC − are located around.

4-beautiful board
5-large bookcase
7-white bookcase
8-many books
9-beautiful regiment
10-Brick system

In point of interior décor the architects decided to use reasonably-priced, simple and aesthetic designer solutions. Walls were released from numerous layers of finishing materials of all times. The discovered original brickwork was put to rights. Few newly-built-up walls were planked with wood.

11-large window
13-old wall
14-a large table
15-beautiful view from the window
16-white room

Attic floors were refreshed a few years after the move. Here the owners painted the walls snow-white and created a Vitra and IKEA interior. The same brands were used to furnish the main space.

17-beautiful flowers
18-big lamp
19-beautiful table
20-white brick
21-large printer
22-black bookcase
23-long table
24-small windows

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