May 14, 2014
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1-beautiful interior

Start-up business WonderWalls is engaged in selling finishing materials and interior pieces brought from different countries of the world. The company has rented an office in Artplay design centre for a couple of years and has moved within the cluster twice. Today’s space came to them a while ago and is newly-renovated.

The major tasks were the extension of the space and simultaneous functional zoning. The latter was arranged in the shape of two meeting zones and a relax one. Walls were torn down and replaced with airier light panels. To second their words to clients with telling examples, the guys made up their minds to use only those finishing materials, which they actually sell. That’s the reason for an eye-catching texture diversity of the interior finish. The only surface left from the previous renters is a colorful marble floor, which fit well into the atmosphere of WonderWalls

2-bright objects
3-beautiful stuff
4-beautiful chairs
5-beautiful table
6-interesting tableware
7-bright spot
8-interesting light
9-transparent blocks
10-place for lunch

Bright chairs of fanciful textures and shapes are arranged behind a glass shop-window in the entrance zone. Rough industrial walls — white, with fragments of red brick and open wiring — were left as they were. The left side of the office is decorated with a non-woven textile band manufactured by Molo design studio (Canada).

Optical effect is created by building glass stones: besides dissipating natural light, they contribute to visual space extension.

The WonderWalls team is open for bold interior experiments. Thus, for instance, the relaxation zone is decorated with an aluminum panel associated with the moon surface, and one of the meeting rooms is furnished with a lightweight concrete conference table. The wall here is coated with a sound-absorbing panel of pressed felt by Johanson Design (Sweden) in the shape of spring leaves.

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