May 14, 2014
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1-dark interior

Metric area: 140 m²
Number of employees: 6

As soon as two young designers with a passion for loft style were hired for a new interior design of Club Med travel agency office, they were assigned with a task to create a comfortable and cozy space for both clients and employees.

When it comes to a representative office of an international company, designers have to stick to a definite brand-book. And this case was not an exception. The duet of designers had to use maximum of Club Med’s corporate colors and at the same time give this office a distinctive look. With these concerns in mind the choice was set upon un-faced concrete walls and ceilings. The second predominant color – white – forms a nice contrast to deep blue. Flooring, bookstands and an interior wall are meant to balance the somber background. As for the furnishing, it’s almost entirely custom-made according to the designers’ sketches.

The main work zone in Club Med is designed as an open space. It’s conventionally divided into a few zones: 3 work areas with desks, a lounge zone for clients, a spot for employees’ rest and a kid’s corner. Chairs are replicas of famous Vitra models. A suite of soft furniture emigrated from the previous office and was re-upholstered to fit into the new dark interior. The eye-catcher of the lounge-zone is a wooden Spanish chandelier by LZF Lamps. The kid’s corner is furnished by IKEA.

2-large room
3-concrete wall
4-blue walls
5-white furniture
6-soft ottomans
7-kids club
9-white furniture

The director’s office is also based on contrasting combination of dark wood panels and light-colored furniture. It features a small round table for business talks and a carpet of corporate colors as in the main space.

12-agency office
13-an international company
14-duet of designers
15-Club Med’s
16-main work zone
17-conventionally divided
18-furnished by IKEA
19-director’s office
20-bathroom the generally

In the bathroom the generally accepted blue and white color range is also preserved.

21-white color

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