May 12, 2014
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Metric area: 58 m²
Number of rooms: 2
Ceiling height: 2.6 m
Floor number: 1

Eugene and Hanna have lived in this multistorey for 15 years already. Long ago this lodging belonged to Eugene’s parents and this year they are about to come back here again. It was Eugene’s mother who insisted on leaving a cut-glass chandelier, and in the end it became a starting point for the entire interior. Bound by a bearing-wall type of the house, the masters had to confine layout alterations to a slight shift of the bedroom exit, which entailed the need for the wall reinforcement. General changes amounted to merely visual effects. For instance, the apartment was decorated with loads of mirrors and mirror wardrobes.

An architect and interior designer by profession, the master designed a zoned lighting system all by himself. Relying on professional experience he knowingly decided to install only tumbler switchers instead of dimmers. In the bedroom zone special accent was put on ceiling: LED illumination here has a few remote-controlled modes of color and light intensity. Considering the modest metric area of the space the storage system is especially well-thought-out. The hosts are big fans of active sports. Their snowboards, shoes and clothes are kept under the bed, in special long coffers. By the way, if you pull them a little bit out, shift the mattress and fill the newly-formed opening with flat cushions there comes out a bed for 4 persons. The bed and shelves were custom-made on a Moscow mill just as most of the other furniture pieces in this lodging. According to Hanna, this panned out even cheaper than store-bought furniture. Having furnished the lodging, the masters made up their mind not to fill it with any other things. Even smalls brought from travels go straightway to the weekend house arranged in country style.


Visual zoning of the lounge is shaped by means of dense curtains. The resulting spot by the balcony is suited for a bonus sleeping place (folding bed). Wardrobes are also arranged here and concealed behind bookstands. As far as zoning is concerned, the owners were willing to make the master bedroom open to the lounge and at the same time make it convenient and officially grand. To intensify the classic mood the ceiling was decorated with moldings and beams. The same style is continued in the screen, which the TV-set is mounted to. As for the photo-wallpaper, it’s totally author’s work of the master. He organized a photo shoot in Moscow suburbs and composed a panel of eight pieces. By the way, this solution was last-evil as photos traditionally used for photo-wallpaper have low resolution and look good only from a distance.


The lounge features a studio couch folding out in one movement and based on a seamless mattress. Also, custom-made is a red chamois arm-chair, which unfortunately went spotted with time. Cushions and blankets for guests are stored inside a coffee table.


To stretch the entrance hall visually the owners resorted to a famous designer trick – wallpaper with vertical stripes. Striving to escape excessive furnishing the owners added only a built-in closet and chest of drawers specially brought from Malaysia. Its wooden top is a little bit cropped by beetles, which intensifies the magnificent effect even more. A round mirror was bought in IKEA and re-painted.

In both rooms the flooring is made from natural oak parquetry, and in the entrance hall, corridor and kitchen it’s heated and faced with tiles to keep the space visually integrated. With space-saving in mind the kitchen door was made sliding. An air channel occupying a big deal of the space between the kitchen and entrance hall was almost fully removed, and the newly-formed recess was arranged for a refrigerator. As for the remaining ledge, it was decorated with a molding and accent lighting. The fireplace is decorative – the owners wanted to highlight the middle of the wall. The kitchen set is not actually a set: all the chairs, arm-chair and table were bought separately. The re-painted cast-iron chandelier is antique, and the pendants were bought additionally.


The spice of the bathroom is music. It sounds in both WC and bathroom as you push the button. The WC is equipped with a car stereo and yacht speakers specially designed for wet conditions. The walls and ceiling here are faced with tiles and ceramic granite.


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