Arco Floor Lamp

May 8, 2014
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1-Arco Floor Lamp

Achille Castiglioni, a graduate of Milan Polytechnic School, believed that any piece of interior décor is meant to handle some problem. And sometimes a customer can be unaware of it. In his own house the future world-famous designer noticed that a luster terminal in his dining room was located in the middle of the ceiling, and the dining zone itself is arranged aside, which causes the lack of light over the table. That’s when an idea of a floor lamp, which would be an alternative to a suspended one, was born.

2-silver lamp

In these latter days Arco floor lamp is so widely met in interiors that it became a genuine artifact of mass culture. But even more often we can see common imitations, illegal copies of the famous arched metal rod. And in 99 % cases they have nothing to do with the beauty and functionality of Achille Castiglioni’s masterpiece. But what is so special about this lamp?

Firstly, the lamp’s arm is extendable and can be adjusted to any desired length depending on the spot you want to illuminate today: whether it’s an arm-chair where you spend evenings reading a book, or a grand dining table for 10 persons.

3-long foot
4-big lamp

Secondly, it was initially meant to replace a suspended lamp in those cases, when it’s located in the centre of the room and you need to bring light to other spots. Not so many lamps are able to handle this task.

5-large room
6-white sofa

And thirdly, its weighting base is made from white Carrara marble, which is a self-sufficient masterpiece: adjusted dimensions, canted corners, and a hole intentionally made asymmetric – so that the lamp didn’t rotate when two people carry it on a spade handle. Isn’t this amazing? Only a man of pre-digital era could reason this way. That’s why a bonus plus of the lamp is a shade of past, of something gone.

And remember that the original Arco floor lamp is always based on an exquisite marble brick – never those huge metal weight plates, which imitators commonly use. Coupled with a thin arm and a small lampshade, these metal copies are really far from the original.

7-beige sofas

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