Wishbone Chair

May 7, 2014
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1-wooden chair

The back of this chair by Hans Wegner, a Danish modernist furniture designer, reminds of a hen’s wishbone, which people break for luck. Its design was inspired by a picture: it featured Danish merchants sitting on chairs of the Ming dynasty (China). Thanks to exquisite legs and thin crossbars the chair is quite lightweight, and its seat is made from 120 m of paper yarn.

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Some things, as the saying is, come off: time, place, personality and material join together in the best possible way to become a full-fledged item. And what is more important, this fruit of human thought is universal – it can be noticed in kitchens and theatres, summer houses and offices. It can be a common wood model or a brightly painted one. Looking at Wishbone chair each person easily decides for himself: “Is this thing good for me?” — in terms of temper and convenience. Some feel that this solid “spider” is not for them. But far more often people get charmed by it and gradually become devoted fans of Scandinavian worldview and design.

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