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May 6, 2014
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1-simple chair

The most famous chair in the world was made by a cabinet maker Michael Thonet back in 1859 by order of a common Viennese coffee house. Made of six curved wood details, ten screws and two plain washers, it was meant to become perfect on all counts: cheap, easy-to-make, convenient for transportation and solid. The chair is still manufactured under Thonet brand.

Thonet chair is kind of a king in the world of chairs. It was a starting point for large-scale manufacturing of furniture and became the most large-circulation chair in the history. And it must be used correspondingly: as a basic thing, as a “protochair”, as a symbol of chairs. There are no designer restrictions: it can be arranged around a big family table, in a lecture hall, in a retro-style apartment (especially), and in loft lodgings with red brick walls.

2-simple chairs

3-black chairs

What is interesting, these chairs look especially snazzy in groups – this gives them a shade of restful liveliness.

4-chairs in the interior

A non-classic variant would be good as well: Thonet chair painted white is a nice choice for a modern interior.

5-white chairs

And even bright, colorful samples (which are quite rare, by the way) look good against the white-walled background.

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